GAY FOOT WORSHIP BUNDLE: 3 First Time Gay Stories Collection

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GAY FOOT WORSHIP BUNDLE: 3 First Time Gay Stories Collection

GAY FOOT WORSHIP BUNDLE: 3 First Time Gay Stories Collection

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If you don’t have a special someone, there’s plenty of dommes, foot models, and onlyfans creators that make content that appeals to all kinds of foot fetishists: oily feet, wet feet, wrinkled soles, toe spreads galore. Find one you like, support their content, and pay for their pedicures, toe rings, or shoes! For help pursuing your podophilia passion and to connect with likeminded feet enthusiasts, try the following:

Aaron | JockFootProductions

But what takes foot love to the next level and why do people worship them? Foot fetishism, also known as podophilia, is characterised by a sexual interest in feet, and being seriously turned on by toes, ankles and feet. If you find feet alluring, you're not alone. Foot fetishism was voted the UK’s sixth most popular fetish in a Lovehoney survey recently. It is also the most common form of sexual fetishism for what are traditionally considered non-sexual objects or body parts, says Knight. ‘It’s more prevalent in men than women,’ she adds. Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Registered in England. All Rights Reserved. Opinion is often divided when it comes to feet and some people think they're abhorrent, while others find them deeply alluring. You can of course simply enjoy shopping for fancy footwear and indulging in the odd toe job every once in a while too. But for a few die-hard foot fans their interest in all things south of the ankle goes beyond sartorial interest or light foreplay and steps firmly into the fetish category.

I have had as many as 3 separate foot worshiping sessions in a single day with different guys feet and a few months ago I broke my worshiping record haha, I worshiped this one guy's feet for about 2-3 hours for 3 nights in a row while I was traveling. And plan on worshiping him again soon. Another theory is known as Cinderella syndrome, a psychological condition in which a woman fears independence and secretly hankers after a knight in shining armour to rescue her. The fairytale character's perfect, small foot fitting into the glass slipper plays into this submissive fantasy. ‘Several cultures have histories of emphasising foot size as a sign of feminine/masculine attraction,’ says Knight. ❤️ Fancy dress If you have a great gay or male foot fetish experience, this is the subreddit for you. Whether you are a dom or a sub, a foot lover or foot king (or cashmaster or alpha master), have a great experience in general, this is the subreddit for you. It wasn't until this year though.... I knew I loved feet obviously. But it wasn't until this year that I got a chance to meet men who are my foot fetish counter-parts. I always knew there was a community of foot fetishists, but I never had a chance to get into this community until now, when I would meet these Men who would want nothing more than to just have their feet serviced and could orgasm just from that. In meeting these men, I learned the true power of my fetish. In hearing and seeing these men get so much pleasure out of me worshiping their feet, I felt so empowered, and with that sense, I allowed myself to give complete and ultimate surrender to my foot fetish. Initiating a conversation about sex may feel daunting, but if your relationship is built on trust and intimacy, you should be able to discuss sexual fantasies and desires with your partner. ‘The people with the most vibrant and rewarding sex lives are the people who create the time and the space to talk about sex,’ says Constance. How to make foot fetish friends

Feet of Men - Reddit The Feet of Men - Reddit

That said, I am a pretty generous person in my life and will do anything for the people in my life... but when it comes to feet, that is the one place in my life I am incredibly selfish and have no shame for that. I do not like sharing feet with other people and am not really into mutual worship. I only like to serve. Also and pics/content is hot but they don't do all that much for me. I only want the real thing. So def not in the market for content creators upselling me. Your feet stink, sir.” I politely exclaimed, rather reservedly. I has a shirt and tie on as I stared at this guy who looked like he was several feet taller than me. (I was only fifteen at the time- this guy was about 27).

Growing up, I lived in a beach town setting, so there was a plethora of feet around me growing up. And even as a little kid seeing all those ridiculously hot male feet around me, all I could remember thinking was "I can't wait until I'm a grown up. I'm going to play with all of these guys' feet!" And for years I just kept that to myself. Even in elementary school, I remembered just staring at my male classmates' shoes, just fantasizing about worshiping their feet before even knowing what foot worship was. Boy was he right. I remember watching his feet resting on the edge of the foot stool from the other room, afraid that he might catch me staring at his rank and smelly feet. In any healthy relationship or sexual partnership, being able to communicate openly and honestly about your fantasies without fear of judgement is essential. Our sexuality and desires are ever changing, so these conversations should be happening regularly, too. Constance recommends creating a ‘safe space in your relationship to talk about your desires and fears around sex.’ Foot fetishism is 'a heightened specific sexual interest in feet and/or footwear,' says Knight. 'Understanding that a fetish is a specific, hyper-focused sexual desire - foot fetishism is when a person sexualises feet in that way,' adds Silver. 'Some prefer toes, some like soles, some prefer bare feet!' Tall, gorgeous, and tattooed, KC is a great addition to MyFriendsFeet. KC is a tall, tattooed young stud that came to us without much appreciation for feet–he didn’t see what the fuss was about. Once his perfect size 11 feet were worshiped, though, we think he got the idea!

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If you’re interested in exploring foot fetishism but you don't know where to start, NYC-based Dominatrix Victoria Silver offers the following foot worship tips: Fast forward until I was finally 18 and got on A4A (for those older guys, you know! lol) I mentioned on my profile I enjoyed playing with guy's feet. Within a day of making my profile, I was worshiping my first pair of feet as an adult and it was heaven!! That was in 2009.I have literally had guys who have had thier feet serviced before that they have never met any one like me and that my worshiping skills were an "incredibly unique, sensual and a completely unforgettable experience" Here's a video of a dude's sleeping feet! There's also three more from this dude, very short videos, but dude sleeping has really nice feet! Fast forward the present and I must have worshipped in give or take 1000+ male foot worshiping sessions, with maybe a little under 50% of these being repeat meet ups that I have worshiped these men's feet. These men have have varied in ages from 24 up to 60 years old. (Not very much into guys much younger than 24, sorry kiddos) As he rubbed his bare feet acros my face, he would look down at me to try and sense some sort of rebellion, but he had none. I laid there under his probing feet and realized my soon to be place in my house. I sniffed at his feet and

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