I'm Too Big! (a Naga Vore story)

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I'm Too Big! (a Naga Vore story)

I'm Too Big! (a Naga Vore story)

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Portrait of Frederick Courteney Selous with his 4 bore single-shot smoothbore gun and African hunting regalia, 1876. As European settlers found early on, their regular muskets were inadequate against dangerous African game. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience.

Since dangerous game was shot at ranges under 50 yd (46 m), a smoothbore was sufficiently accurate, while at the same time providing higher velocities and lower recoil, and needing less cleaning.At this time, a hunter of dangerous game would fire, gallop away on horseback to a safe distance, reload, and fire again, repeating this process up to 30 times for an African elephant. I'm honestly impressed you finished the update and came back, most devs usually abandon a project after not updating it for half a year or so. I’ve yet to announce it as getting to the final touches of finishing the update have been slow at the moment. I felt satisfied because my belly was full but I think I overdid it for you guys today 😂 I’m looking forward to entering my beast mode weight lifting era at some stage soon.

It’s not that I’m put out by the existence of obstacles; rather, I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of variety in them. It probably helps keep the scope in check, but I find myself not particularly caring about the setting. The huge lead slugs fired by the gun were generally capable of stunning a charging African elephant to stop it on its tracks, or turn its charge (causing it to change direction to avoid the hunter) but it was generally unable to kill the creature outright with a frontal brain shot. Shotgun shells are still rated in terms of the same archaic dram measurements, relative to their equivalence of smokeless powder load to a black-powder load weighed in drams. Like, say, an area that can only be accessed through a weak bit of floor broken by one or more characters being afflicted with fat.

Chest and broadside shots were effective killers, as was the side shot on brain where the skull is thinner on elephant, however once again this did not help in instantly stopping an enraged elephant thats charging the hunter. I was about to be upset about the lack of Weeaboo Fightan Magic characters, but then I got Yva, so we’re okay. Four bore or 4 bore is a black powder caliber of the 19th century, used for the hunting of large and potentially dangerous game animals. I know this series isn’t very ‘health’ focused like my first one was, but that’s also because I am not trying to fix any serious health issues this time round.

add a rule where if everyone is immobile either the party is forced to swap to the characters in reserve, or it triggers a game over. if it's too much, you can talk to Cecil in the Arena and he'll give you a one-way trip back to the 3rd floor. Meant to be used with black powder due to its size, it was unpopular due to the problem of thick smoke and a powerful recoil. sorry if this sounds bad, but will the future updates take as long as this one or was this an anomaly?I can kind of understand there’s not a lot of possibility inside of the “sinister manor” setting, but still. Henry Morton Stanley carried a 4 bore Farquhson single-shot rifle on his expedition to find David Livingstone. Certain areas melt when the temperatures lower, removing walls and making certain treasures accessible, but also melting bits of floor into deep puddles and making other rooms inaccessible. The year is 4875 IGS (Inter-Galactic Standard), in a mansion, a person sits alone, surrounded by mountains of sketch books, tablets,and hard disks.

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