Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Unaltered and effortlessly articulated, the RU6 renders up-front vocal imaging and intimate midrange instrumental presentations with satisfactory resolving power. The leather case for extra protection and the lightning cable for iOS users can be separately purchased. Attack and decay are very convincing as is the dynamic contrast but then it doesn't have the lighting speed or the boldness and ruthless impact of the KA3. Voices and acoustic instruments are heard organic with natural overtones and plenty of harmonic wealth, a wonderful combination which leads to an engaging and authentic listening experience. To combat this, Cayin spent 3 months developing a custom resistor volume array that provides 99 steps of volume through 9 segments of resistors and switching relays.

The R-2R DAC then converts the signal to analogue using the resistive ladder network, the quality of which depends on the tolerances of the resistors in addition to the temperature coefficient of resistance. That means you can plug it into your laptop, iPad, or phone as well as DAPs and enjoy R-2R decoding. the only cable I have with these 470ohm cans, and raised the volume to 74 since these are harder to drive.Most USB DAC/Amps will rely on the volume control of your mobile phone to control the volume of the headphone output. The R-2R DAC circuit in the RU6 is quite demanding on incoming data integrity and the digital volume control on mobile phones will inhibit the overall sound quality. The good thing is, this crispiness approach is still very polished and mature if I am to compare it against the likes of Hidizs S9 Pro, E1DA 9038SG3, TempoTec Sonata E44 etc. Both ends of the audio spectrum extend fairly and there is enough headroom to put in small bands and quartets without compromising separation between instruments.

The initial listen was just a tad harsh and bright in the upper midrange, while the low end was warm and thick, with a smooth and relaxed treble. Plus, the back of this leather case is magnetic which should work with some equipped smartphones, or with an included matching leather covered small metal plate circles which you stick on the back of your mobile device. you see there was a time audio were all non digital and during those days there's certain appreciation for sound quality that is as real as possible.To achieve 24 bit decoding, RU6 equips 48 units of resistors (23 x R and 25 x 2R), and that’s for one channel. No artifacts heard, no metallic harshness, no edginess to the sound which in contrast gets close enough to the analogue ideal at least as this is possible for such a USB powered device. While owing to the analog tonality of all R2R tech devices - this may not be the most resolving one but the Oversampling mode somehow takes care of it quite well and the resolution is just great. The Oversampling DA mode – again according to Cayin – will offer noticeable improvement on details and frequency extension. Don't get me wrong, it is already admirably smooth, but comparing it against Lotoo PAW S2, Ovidius B1, Apogee Groove and CEntrance DACport HD, I can hear that RU6 favors crispness slightly more over smoothness.

This is a tiny USB-C dongle that contains a totally discrete R-2R DAC circuit and is powered by the USB source in a rectangular box shaped device that'll fit easily in any pocket. Two control the volume up and down, and also work as menu controls for the third button, which when held, activates the menu. The sound performance of the Cayin RU6 is stellar with a touch of a pleasant, tube-like, euphonic warmth without lacking in transparency. BAL - and even so, W2 trying too hard on being neutral and clean sounding making it less than realistic (Hi-Fi indeed but lacking soul), of which RU6 has that analogue timbral hint which keeps thing believable. Cayin has implemented this using a USB Audio Bridge that receives digital data and sends it to the Digital Audio Bridge where DSD is converted to PCM if required.R-2R DAC circuit is very demanding on incoming data integrity, the digital volume of mobile phones will damage sound quality badly. Digital Filter-less, no post-processing, optimized in time domain, low phase distortion and jitter, no ringing artifact. You can use the mode button to enter the menu and configure gain settings, NOS/OS mode and screen timeout.

Highs extend on up to the top of my listening threshold but are never sibilant or harsh very detailed . It is warm and laid-back, and does a great job of eliminating digital glare that I find most noticeable in the upper midrange. I have found using the Ru6 with older CD flac files such as Deep Purples greatest hits brings out the old analog sound I used to get while listening from my home stereo. For example with my TRN VX Pro which is already natively wide sounding, I am hearing effortless headroom of soundstage that can make me forget I am listening to an IEM.While the design principle behind it has been around for a long time, the deficiency and discontinuation of various Delta Sigma DACs triggered by AKM factory fire and chip shortage during challenging pandemic times pushed some manufacturers to be more creative and to bring this discrete solution down to a portable DAP level. I would like to thank Andy from Cayin very much for reaching out and providing me with the RU6 for the purpose of review. To achieve 24-bit R-2R decoding, Cayin uses resistors that can deliver extreme precision and remain stable during temperature changes. And since switching relays introduce an audible pop, Cayin implemented a short delay in volume adjustment as you cross every section by muting that pop.

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