The Empire of Gold: 3 (Daevabad Trilogy)

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The Empire of Gold: 3 (Daevabad Trilogy)

The Empire of Gold: 3 (Daevabad Trilogy)

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Interspersed with the journeying is aching, heavy sadness as Dara, a hero so fallen he is himself a monster, narrates his own past of manipulation and abuse at the hands of the Nahids and works to puzzle out his own salvation (if any is to be had). But it does promise that things will be better, and that’s about as good an ending as I can hope for.

In the end, we have a broken phalanx of characters who try to rise from the ashes and learn from the past, but despite their manifest good intentions they are nonetheless human and flawed. From her most vulnerable moments, to the ones where she stood out like a Goddess among men…she’s probably one of my new favorite female characters – like, of all time. The final volume presents characters you already love mixed with a bunch of exciting fresh faces, sustains a wicked pace of action throughout, and gives you plenty of reasons to stay up very late reading. Best, because oh my god, I was sleeping on these books and now I have a new favorite fantasy series. So The Empire of Gold was probably my least favorite book in the trilogy, but there was also a lot to live up to after The Kingdom of Copper.There’s a lot of similarities between them in this respect, they both straddle two distinct worlds (Ali with the Marid and the Djinn, Nahri with her human and Daeva heritage) so it was interesting to see them embracing the sides of their heritage that they’ve not necessarily ignored but been unable to explore fully up till this point.

This trilogy touches on a lot of themes about racism and discrimination based on religion, skin colour and lineage. Empire of Gold ( Korean: 황금의 제국; Hanja: 黃金의 帝國; RR: Hwanggeum-eui Jeguk) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Go Soo, Lee Yo-won, and Son Hyun-joo. I guess it will always be hard to meet the expectation of the fandom for a series this expansive – I just wish the ending was overall a bit more memorable. I have a minor obsession with getting lost in the pages of a good book, guzzling coffee, and thriving at home. She also wants to show that struggle against oppression is a long, hard slog, with many losses to accompany the occasional victories.Looking to still be in the world of jinn and magic and ifrits, even though it’s without Dara and Nahri? Among other awards and nominations which will be added here soon, the Daevabad Trilogy was nominated for a Hugo Award, a 2021 Best Series finalist. And the ending is full of hope for Daevabad and its people, hope that the wars of the past can be reconciled, that the cycle of vengeance can be ended. The ending was ultimately satisfying, without getting into spoilery territory, I appreciated that it fitted with the overall story and there was no everything gets wrapped up in a big neat bow, all the characters end in a good place but it’s clear that there is still a long way to go before Ali and Nahri’s vision for a united Daevabad comes to pass, which I felt was very realistic for this world, the tribes aren’t going to abandon their beliefs about the other tribes overnight. I would have liked a little more time with some of the characters post story but I guess that’s what fanfiction is for haha.

Throughout the novel, we see the ways in which the past, both recent and distant, is something of a prison for the characters. Through the online content we publish, we share our opinions and thoughts on the various problems that the world is facing right now. By the end of the novel, Nahri and Ali are poised to embark on a romance (we hope), as Dara sets out to recapture the souls of those who have been kidnapped by one of the villainous and bloodthirsty ifrits. That’s why I was so afraid for Jamshid and Muntadhir but even they made it, and so did both Dara and Ali which I also didn’t expect.He arguably grows more than any of the other characters in the narrative, and here we have time to see a bit into his past, into why he swore and maintained such loyalty to the Nahids and how he was so abused and used by them. Then it comes time for him to embrace his marid past he just becomes, I don’t know, self-sacrificing, annoying? Through her medical and community work, Nahri had developed a following there, and feels responsible to her followers for trying to repair the damage her mother has done.

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