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Lucifer's Hammer

Lucifer's Hammer

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It will make you think about much we rely on technology that is fragile and useless when fuel is not available. Also some of the writing is a little lazy in that the political views espoused by the authors face no real challenge from those folks on the other side. You end up caring for these people and following their tales which all interweave, and it is this connectivity that is the backbone of Niven's good, oh ok great Novel. Monumental devastation will sweep across the globe if the newly-discovered Hamner-Brown comet collides with the one major obstacle in its path: Earth. Dare to Be Badass: The story ends on a good one that's directed at the reader as much as the opposing characters; they can go home and fortify their feudal holding at the cost of the world's last nuclear power plant, or they can fight to protect and rebuild the civilization the comet destroyed.

The story kept moving and the various threads set up at the start of the story were woven into a believable whole towards the end. The Night That Never Ends: In addition to the dust and debris thrown into the upper atmosphere, the massive amounts of water vaporized by the ocean impacts cause a perpetual 100% cloud cover (at one point in the book, it rains for a month) and thus a perpetual twilight.Pournelle has always been something of a provocateur and he had a grand time with this one (I need to include Niven here as well), but it gets in the way. So perhaps you should take my review with a grain of salt, since plenty of people love Strange (unsurprisingly, no one admits to loving Practice Foundations). Covert Distress Code: There are two sentries guarding the settlement at any time: an outer sentry to talk to people trying to enter, and a hidden inner sentry who watches and guards the outer sentry.

The last third gives us a battle between our community of civilized people and the evil army of cannibals. Randall and Hamner separately reach the valley and are allowed in (unlike almost all other refugees). But for the terrified men and women chance had saved, it was also the dawn of a new struggle for survival - a struggle more dangerous and challenging than any they had ever known. In addition, any geological faultlines near an impact site let go completely, causing massive earthquakes and volcano eruptions (and for the purposes of the story, "nearby" means "within a thousand miles") killing many of those who survive the tidal waves. Tsunamis and earthquakes, whilst triggered this time by a meteor shower, gives a powerful image of what would happen.Harvey sends his teenaged son Andy into Sequoia National Park with a Boy Scout troop led by his neighbor, bank president Gordie Vance. In "Lucifer's Hammer," the only surviving nuclear power plant becomes potentially the salvation of civilization.

There are also the two Russians who exist to mention how superior the US is to Russia in oh so many ways, and the reformed hippies who have realized that communes are a bad idea. The introduction of the characters is somewhat long winded, but once the action starts it's a rip roaring listen. Anyone familiar with my reviews are aware that I'm always the first to point out that judging a book written many decades ago by contemporary standards is unrealistic. The minute changes in mass and momentum, outgassing and the resulting small changes in the comet's orbit caused by the sun's radiation make it impossible, even up to the moment of actual impact, to accurately predict whether the comet would graze the earth's atmosphere, pass it by entirely or devastate earth with a direct impact. Yes its the Earth but he builds a fictional reality in the current time that is completely believable and you live it along with the characters, who you get to know really well through all 600+ pages.With a memorable band of characters, a doomsday clock ticks down along with the explanation of the odds of the comet hitting the earth and shows these odds increasing at a steady, terrifying rate. really good book, not dated and tackles the real issues faced by humanity after such a catastrophic event.

Heroic Sacrifice: The manner in which Air Force General John Baker saves the nuclear power plant from the cannibal army. I'm also a lot more inclined to be forgiving of certain attitudes in a 1959 book than in a 1977 book. I neither read nor watched – I’m sure they were well done, but the subject matter wasn’t one I want to embrace – there’s plenty to read out there. Of course, Hammer was released in 1977, and Policeman in 2012, so there is that little issue of societal norms shifting, but I didn’t let that stop me… honest. After the End: Unusually for this type of story, the cometary impact doesn't happen until a third of the way in.If the outer sentry raises both hands over his head, this is the signal for the inner sentry to shoot the person at the gate, presumably because that is the one gesture least likely to get you killed if someone is pointing a gun at you. The water vaporized by the oceanic impacts condenses back into rains, causing massive flooding and destroying pretty much any dam still standing after the earthquakes, thus drowning many people too far from the coasts to be killed by the tidal waves. I read this in 1982 and I vividly remember reading the comparison of the shape of the comet to an ice-cream cone.

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