Blue Bug Plush Bearded Dragon

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Blue Bug Plush Bearded Dragon

Blue Bug Plush Bearded Dragon

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We have a post on bearded dragon accessories if you’re looking for options. #12 Place A Mirror Outside Of The Enclosure As they are in their enclosure, they cannot ‘run’ anywhere except to a safe spot that is as far away from the threat as possible, which often ends up being the corner.

This hunting instinct makes a laser pointer an excellent choice for providing mental stimulation to your pet. Bearded dragons are diurnal animals. This means they’re active during the day and will sleep at night. This is why it is so important to have a 12/12-hour photocycle where your bearded dragon gets 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness. At the Tail End of Things…If you normally feed your dragon with tweezers, move them around, so your pet has to chase after its prey. The camera crew from the BBC were very positive about my idea which at the time was merely a diagram on a single sheet of A4. This helped reinforce my own belief in the concept. Having been invited to pitch the idea in front of the 'Dragons', I decided to polish up on my 3-minute pitch and recall a flood of emotions as I stood at the bottom of the long flight of stairs leading into the den. Your bearded dragon will take some time to get used to their new home. 4. Your Bearded Dragon Does Not Like the Decor While puzzles for bearded dragons are pretty much nonexistent at the pet store, creating a puzzle of your own is very easy.

Bearded dragons become stressed when there is too much noise or activity around the enclosure, when their heating or lighting settings are incorrect, or they can see natural predators such as birds, cats, or dogs. They Do Not Want to Move Due to Illness Decide whether you want the new name to be male, female, or unisex. If you aren’t sure of the sex of your beardie, it might be helpful to bring your bearded dragon in for a visit your local reptile store or reptile vet. They have lots of experience with this (it can be tough for first-time owners to figure it out on their own). If your bearded dragon is feeling stressed out, it may be trying to escape or looking for places to hide. Look for other signs of stress such as arm waving, glass surfing, stress marks, or not eating. If there are multiple signs of stress, see if you can find out what is stressing them and rectify it. For optimal nutrients, be sure to properly gut-load the feeder insects before placing them inside the ball.

Give your beardie plenty of room to play by sitting with it in a nice, open area like your living room floor or your patio. Any kind of sudden change to their enclosure can cause a positive or negative reaction from your bearded dragon. If they love the new item, then great! However, if they are unsettled by it, they could hide away in a corner of their enclosure or in one of their hides to get away from it.

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