The Good Old Days: The Holocaust As Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders

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The Good Old Days: The Holocaust As Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders

The Good Old Days: The Holocaust As Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders

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wedding-event-ideas-featured-image' => '', This text will be valuable to anyone with an interest in the Holocaust. The primary documents will especially serve teachers, though the content shared should be selected with the age and maturity of the audience in mind.

wedding-event-banner' => '', Without specific spoilers however, in general I found the work to be a disappointment. I had no interest in reading about accommodation standards, what people ate or of the internal politics and positioning that happens within any group of people. Perhaps I was expecting more insight, or more consistent insight, into the minds of those who were there. Into the minds and motivations of those who were engaged in actions. Who perpetrated the outcomes.Written by the killers as they killed, the holocaust is seen "up close and personal," brought down in scale to the reality of one-on-one experiences. Among other things, we learn that the earliest experiments in genocide required executioners to shoot their victims with rifles, one-on-one. Not very effective. We also learn that German soldiers did not face severe consequences if they refused to participate. The careerist would lose his career, of course, but otherwise they were reassigned without prejudice. wedding-event-ideas-featured-image' => '',

However and I indeed very very strongly must and have to agree wth author Otto L. Bettman in this respect that according to his book title The Good Old Days--They Were Terrible!. For even though Bettman's featured text for The Good Old Days--They Were Terrible! might perhaps be considered just a trifle overly morose, depressing and focussing much too heavily on the negatives, with seemingly no textual place at all allowed for anything even remotely positive regarding 19th century America, the salient fact does remain that the teeming with horror, pain and hardship themes and contents, that the information and the details shown by Otto L. Bettman in The Good Old Days--They Were Terrible! are not only brutally honest but also totally and absolutely reflect sad but true historical reality and are therefore also in no way Bettman either exaggerating or not showing the truth. sustainability-gallery-image' => '', Seeking also established that there were VERY few copies available for sale in Australia, and this that were, were excessively priced and to be found within specialist retailers of whom all but one were on line. So, no public copies, niece retailers and excessively priced. This added to “interesting”. Author and historian Gilda O'Neill, well-known for her social history books exploring the changing face of London's East End, examines the problems that plagued the "good old days" of the Victorian era, using the thesis that problems of the present day really aren't all that different from the past, and the past is far less rosy than memory and glorified history would have us believe. I was also surprised at the vitriol he aimed at the frontier lands. Yes, the Wild West was lawless, and probably quite ill-smelling and fetid in its own right. But I've also read Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series, and while I do realize she romanticized a lot of it, she did seem to have a rather happy childhood -- her father dragging her mother and sisters around when he gets bored with a place notwithstanding. They do without quite a lot, but they still had a childhood, not simply as farm drudges who worked from dusk to dawn without any way to broaden their minds. Bettmann writes that "farm children were notoriously immature not as the result of an evil design but because the rigors of family survival made adult demands on their bodies and left their minds undeveloped" (56). I have a feeling Wilder would take umbrage at such a statement, considering that her childhood on the prairies was definitely not privileged, yet she grew up to write a series of novels that are still in print and well-beloved by several generations of Americans.

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