Ariel - Ariel Ultra Oxi Stain Remover Spray - 500ml

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Ariel - Ariel Ultra Oxi Stain Remover Spray - 500ml

Ariel - Ariel Ultra Oxi Stain Remover Spray - 500ml

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Best stain remover for wool and delicates: Astonish Premium Edition Stain Removal Bar Things to consider Delicates Unload immediately. If you leave your clothes in the drum too long, they can go stale, so remove them immediately or within 2 hours to get the best freshness. Our verdict If you ever did the volcano experiment at school you know how this goes. It's very visually impressive. That said, don't use bicarbonate of soda to clean red wine stains. When we tried it, it appeared to react with the wine stain and we were left with a large patch of carpet with a blue tinge. Each zone is used for a stain - one of each type of stain for each product and home remedy being examined. And what about green brands? We dug into the sustainability details on brands including Ecover , Smol , Method and Bio-D . Laundry detergent test results

Dab nail varnish remover onto the affected piece of material (except on synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester), then wash with Ariel Original Washing Liquid according to the fabric care label. Removing ink stains – including ballpoint and felt tip Remove the excess stain. Get rid of as much of the stain as you possibly can by using a paper towel, a fork, or a brush, without spreading the stain further. This is particularly important for stains that have already dried. Apply the carpet stain remover to the stain and not your sponge or cloth, especially for old stains. Then use your cleaning tool (I found a sponge to be the most effective) to work the stain remover deep into the fibres of the carpet. Although no two stains are alike—you can remove most of them by following the steps outlined below—how you pre-treat the stain will depend on the stain. Follow our stain removal guide and learn how to get any stain out of your garments in eight simple steps with Ariel. Fresh stains are cleaned within five minutes of application, while dried stains are left until touch dry. Each stain is assessed on the following factors:For dried-in, yellowish deodorant stains, try rubbing the stain with a mixture of three parts baking soda and one part water, let it sit for a few hours, then wash it on the hottest water temperature setting as allowed by your garment's fabric care label with Ariel All-in-1 PODs. If you are still unsure how to do laundry correctly, don’t worry, just read our comprehensive laundry guide, which covers everything from washing symbols to sorting, and master the art of doing laundry efficiently in a few easy steps. Stain Removal Tips for More than 70 Types of Stains REMOVE THE EXCESS STAIN. Use a paper towel or a soft brush to remove as much of the stain as possible from the garment, do this gentle so you don’t damage the fabric. This is particularly important for stains that have already dried. Think of any stain you want to, chances are we have the guide to help you remove it. You’ll find more than 70 different stain types below, from grease to baby poop, and the specific know-how needed for their efficient removal. How to Remove Food and Drink Stains

Essentially, there are two types of stain remover: pre-wash applications and those that go in the washing machine. Pre-wash applications

Removing chewing gum stains

Sweat can be caused by a myriad of things, from a difficult exam through sports to hormones, spicy food, and medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis. Here, we have to make a distinction between the two varieties of sweat. When your body starts to heat up, your brain releases sweat from 2.5 million plus eccrine glands spread out across nearly your whole body, expelling the salty liquid through pores to cool down your body. This is called the cooling sweat. The other variety is produced by the apocrine glands, found in the armpit and groin areas, which come alive during emotional, exciting, or stressful situations. When this sweat and the bacteria of your armpits and groin meet, you get body odour. Types of sweat stains Regular sweat patches can be white or clear (and undetectable), and—over time—they can turn fabric dingy grey. Discover Ariel +Platinum Extra Stain Removal Washing Liquid Gel, the laundry detergent gel that provides brilliant stain removal and a powerful clean with extra hygiene. Wash away serious sweat stains, impossible dirt and stubborn food particles, even in a cold wash thanks to the unique COOL CLEAN Technology™. This technology has been designed by scientists to provide brilliant stain removal even in challenging washing environments, like cold water. Ease of use We record how much elbow grease and repeat applications are needed to clean off the stain with each of the products and home remedies. Soak overnight in cold water containing a bit of washing detergent, then wash with Ariel Washing Gel Original according to the care label. Dab older stains with nail varnish remover (not suitable for synthetic fabrics), then wash as normal. Removing rust stains

You don’t want vomit left hanging around so remove as much as possible under running cold water. Soak in water containing Ariel Original Washing Liquid, then wash with your Ariel Original Washing Liquid as normal. Removing candle wax stains Ariel +Platinum Extra Stain Remover Washing Liquid Gel protects your fabrics, keeps your colours vibrant, and it can even be used for pre-treatment of tough stains. Unwanted Food or Drink Products - Once supply conditions are broken, there are a number of factors outside of our control that can affect the quality of a product. Therefore perishable goods such as food and drink cannot be returned.Ariel Platinum PODS® + Extra Stain Removal washing capsules have everything you need for clean, bright and fresh-smelling clothes in a tiny, but powerful capsule. Boosted with high-efficiency enzymes, they offer extra stain removal for extra hygiene. Pod away serious sweat stains, impossible dirt and stubborn food particles even in a cold wash thanks to the unique COOL CLEAN Technology™. This technology has been designed by scientists to provide brilliant stain removal even in challenging washing environments, like cold water. To keep stains from setting in, make sure to soak your clothing item in cold water as soon as possible. When it comes to removing stains, it’s usually best to use cold water and a high-quality detergent like Ariel All-in-1 PODS if you're not sure about the stain type. However, for harder-to-remove greasy stains, you'll want to use warm or hot water. If you want to know how to remove chewing gum from clothes, it is easier to remove when it’s hard, so place the affected item into a bag in the freezer, or put ice onto the gum (rub it on the gum at least for 30 minutes). Once it’s hardened, you’ll find it breaks off quite easily. Then wash with Ariel Original Washing Liquid as normal. Removing blood stains Don’t worry, tough stains exist so that Ariel can get rid of them. Removing adhesive stains – including glue and nail varnish

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