The Kiss of a Stranger: A Regency Romance (The Jonquil Brothers Book 0)

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The Kiss of a Stranger: A Regency Romance (The Jonquil Brothers Book 0)

The Kiss of a Stranger: A Regency Romance (The Jonquil Brothers Book 0)

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I remembered loving this book the first time I read it about 7 years ago… This time around just cemented that love! Es una alegría que la editorial se decidiese por esta serie y así empezar a conocer a los Jonquil. En otras novelas de la autora pudimos conocer a uno (que yo recuerde) a Philip y del que espero poder leer su historia correspondiente. En este libro introductorio tenemos de protagonistas a Crispín (lord “cabra” en mi mente loca) y a Catherine Thorndale. I felt heart wrenchingly sorry for secondary character Catherine Adelaide Thorndale. She has musical talent and hidden personal resources. When life becomes quieter I am very pleased to see she thrives. She is my favorite character of this story. Gabe kept to the shadows, stepping lightly down the metal stairs built into the cliff. A stranger in the town center was unexpected enough. An unfamiliar face lurking around the harbor at midnight would raise questions he didn’t want to answer.

Maddie faced her determined friend. She stood on one leg and pulled off her right flat, extending her flexed foot. Uncurled and staying that way. You know what happened the last time I let curled toes make decisions for me. You want to find me a man, Bree? Find one that I always know where he is on Saturday nights. A guy whose credit score is higher than his IQ. I think it's really interesting that _________, (Insert something you actually find interesting about them!) This time, she’d find a good man. Someone who understood her ambitions. He’d be clean-cut and kind. The sort of man who never forgot a birthday or watched other women when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. He might even wear khakis. This was the story of an extremely bullied and cowed heroine, Catherine whose uncle is such a monster of a man. He deprives her of proper clothing, treats her like she less than an animal and marries her off to the H to get rid of her. Then, when he discovers that she is due to inherit fifty thousand pounds from her late mother's estate he tries to declare her marriage illegal or null just so that he can be her guardian again and steal all that money. Bree was undeterred. It doesn’t need to be a hot night. You’re probably a bit rusty, so you should aim for tepid. Have a starter date first.But he’d waited years to stand in just that spot, and he was going to enjoy it. The bus had dropped him off at the closest station, but the closest station didn’t go anywhere near the town. He’d been walking most of the day, hitchhiking when some brave soul stopped for him. Blisters had formed on his tired feet, but he barely noticed. Each step was a gift, each drop of rain and gust of wind something to treasure. The sky over his head and the open road were pleasures he’d never take for granted again. The photographer would approach her subject (no matter the gender or race) to take the first portrait and then after she would explain her idea before asking them for a consensual kiss. Amazingly, people drop their consciously created roles and just become themselves. And there might even be a biological explanation to this: "Kissing sparks all the nerve endings in your lips," Johanna explains to i-D magazine,"causing a release of dopamine and a surge in oxytocin. It's an instantaneous stress reliever and creates an immediate emotional bond between two people." Maddie grimaced. She didn’t have much room to argue. Bree knew exactly how long Maddie’s dry spell had been, and the last few months her friend hadn’t missed a chance to remind her about it. A few minutes later, Maddie climbed into bed. She wore flannel pajamas, like she did most nights. This set was covered in monkeys and made her smile every time she put them on. There was an undeniable joy in wearing whatever she wanted. She slid between the sheets and sprawled across the queen-sized bed, claiming it for her own. Some more negatives from my second read through: The whole kiss-in-the-garden-and-instant-marriage premise for someone of Crispin's stature, seemed a bit implausible. ~~ The uncle was too over-the-top and we never fully understood just why he was so evil. ~~ Also, I can't stand melodrama, and there's definitely a melodramatic undercurrent here. ~~ There were contrived plot obstacles that had me rolling my eyes. ~~ There's just too much constant misunderstanding and non-communication between hero and heroine. The story starts out as an overblown misunderstanding and continues in that vein, with small and large misunderstandings throughout. It painfully, frustratingly carries on with the same nonsense pretty much chapter after chapter. I cringed throughout much of it. ~~ While reading the book, I read someone else's review (can't remember whose) and copied down these words that I totally agreed with: "Persistent misinterpretations of the other's statements, despite actions that could speak louder than words." "He/she wanted to say, but he/she just couldn't." "The device grows weary."<--- my sentiments exactly!

I also loved Crispin and thought he was a great leading man. I loved how his love for Catherine kind of sneaks up on him. She brings out a great side of him, and for the first time in his life he actually feels needed by someone. I don't know if he really understood everything Catherine had been through and often jumped to the wrong conclusions, but I think the more they are together and open up the deeper their understanding will be and I thought they were a great couple and well suited for one another. The New York- based Norwegian artist turned these shots into a series called "Kiss of a Stranger," through which she wants to communicate how easily we can connect with new people. "We are all just human beings with the same basic instincts. By creating new relationships and learning about the thoughts and ideas of strangers, we might be able to build bridges and combat ignorance and judgement,” Johanna told i-D. This was a fast entertaining read and I really loved this book. The writing was sharp and kept me immersed in the story. I loved the main protagonists Gabe and Maddie, but I also loved the secondary characters as well. I liked that they were introduced to the reader and then they are seen again within their own books. They were Maddies’ best friends, but they knew when to get involved in her life and when to butt out. There is nothing that turns me off more than best friends that don’t know when to stay out of something that is none of their business. I get so irritated whether it’s within a book or in reality.

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Crispín, lord Cavratt, es un hombre asediado por las jovencitas que desean cazar a un marido con fortuna, en uno de sus intentos por escapar de una de ellas comete un error y es como de la noche a la mañana se ve comprometido (y casado en pocas horas) con Catherine Thorndale, una joven sin fortuna y con un tío sin escrúpulos. Mientras Crispín intenta buscar una solución a ese enredo, va conociendo a una Catherine que le empieza a atraer como ninguna otra.

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